How music helps me train

I have enjoyed the benefits of health and fitness training for more years than I care to mention here and throughout my time in many establishments and facilities I have taken part in a vast range of activities. One constant in all this time has been the benefits derived from listening to music during my training.

Whether you are passing hours on the treadmill or blasting out a 20 minute hard-core bodybuilding routine, music brings a great focus to your efforts as a background soundtrack to your training life. We all know the wonderful uplifting emotions we experience while watching the latest blockbuster movie, as the musical score helps to guide us into the necessary mood. Fast and furious for the car chase, slow and moody for the heartbreak scene and those classic power ballads for the training and build-up to the main event that transforms the zero to hero in a few short minutes on the screen.

Playing the right soundtrack to your efforts allows you to really enjoy what you are doing. Picture yourself in your own movie, climbing that un-surmountable hill, passing the levels of your detractors, proving your self-worth as you push those boundaries.

Whatever your motivation to train is, there is the ideal musical accompaniment out there to bring out that extra effort, the little extra that turns ordinary into extraordinary. So I urge you to take the time to experiment with your training soundtrack and find out how much better it makes your work-outs.

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