Music and how it can make you relax

Music is one of the easiest, most enjoyable hobbies to have and has a very powerful effect on everyday life. You can listen to music in the car, in the gym or when you are out jogging. In fact you can listen to music practically anywhere and with the technology nowadays you can choose whatever music you want to listen to.

We all have our own personal taste in music but whatever you like listening to, it can change how you feel. You may feel stressed and tired when you come home from work but after listening to a favourite CD it can lift your spirits and uplift your mood and you will forget how tired you felt.

Doctors, dentists and therapists are all using background music in their surgeries as it has been proven to help patients with some of their illnesses. Patients become more relaxed in a room with soothing background music rather than a cold, clinical atmosphere. It also helps them to relax while undergoing treatments.

I listen to music all the time when I am at home whether I am reading, doing some housework or just relaxing with friends. There is music to suit every occasion and I have a radio or CD player in every room in the house. I find that playing music can relieve some of the pressures of everyday life. It also makes me want to dance and sing and it makes you think about other things. It jogs your memory of a favourite holiday, of a good party or a wedding you have been to.

Altogether I could never do without my CD’s, radio or the power of music.

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