Music and your health

The therapeutic benefits of music are well documented and some of the case studies on the improvements music has made to the emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of many patients make impressive reading. But you still have to look after your health in a traditional sense and Health Matters Glasgow provide an holistic approach to your health and wellbeing requirements.

There’s a single portal to a wide range of health care providers and it’s all part of an integrated approach to ensure most if not all of your health needs are met.

I was interested to find out what health care professionals thought of the real and practical benefits of music to health and was surprised to hear such positive responses across the board. The personal trainer was incredibly enthusiastic about using different types of music to enhance training sessions. His point was that music can not only be used to raise the tempo of the session but it also helped many people through the times when it can become repetitive and monotonous.

The hypnotherapist was very tuned into how music can influence moods and help people relax. There is now a great variety of relaxation music on the market and many people obviously benefit from its use. Even the rather down to earth, no nonsense physiotherapist sang the praises of music in sport, recovery and recuperation.

These professionals are dealing with health issues and problems on a daily basis and to hear them not only acknowledge but enthusiastically praise the use of music in a variety of health care scenarios tells you something about its effectiveness.

It would seem there is more to music than meets the ears.

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