Plug in your headphones and de-stress

Every day we are faced with situations which will put us under a significant amount of stress. We will then spend a large amount of time trying to relieve ourselves of the stress and anxiety, often leading to us becoming doubly stressed. Recently there have been many scientific studies carried out to investigate the effects music has on anxiety and stress levels. These studies have shown that music has a unique link to our emotions and can therefore be used as an effective stress management tool.

That project you have to finish by the end of the day? Getting stressed out about it will only decrease your levels of productivity, but just by putting on some music you can decrease your anxiety levels, thus improving your productivity. It really is that easy.

In the most stressful periods of the day it is recommended that you listen to some relaxing, classical music. This may not appeal to you straight away, but there is evidence to suggest that it has a significant effect on stress and anxiety levels. The calming sounds of classical music help release dopamine in the brain, which is a pleasure-inducing hormone. The stress hormones will gradually reduce in their release and overall you will feel a lot calmer and happier.

This doesn’t mean to say that everyone will experience the same effects. We are all individuals and we all know which genre of music will best help us relax and de-stress. So, for those of us who just can’t bear the thought of classical music, sticking to what you like is probably your best bet.
It has also been found that singing along – or even shouting – helps to release built up tension, which is good news for those of us who like a bit of karaoke.

It’s natural for us to feel anxious, worried or nervous before big events in our life. This includes things like surgery and operations. It has been found that patients who listen to music before and after surgery feel a lot less stressed and anxious about the whole process. So if you are feeling nervous or worried about facing something like this, remember that plugging in some headphones and listening to your favourite songs can help reduce your stress levels and make you feel more relaxed about what you’re about to do.

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