Lovers of music

We love music but we love the positive effects music can have on our health and wellbeing even more. It’s incredible to think that whilst listening to your favourite music tracks your mind, body and soul can be benefiting in a whole range of ways and in fact with a bit of thought we can each have control over that.

The origins of music

Questions like why are humans musical, and how does music relate to our evolutionary history are questions of real depth and attract great discussion and debate. Music is common to all cultures and we seem to have specific neurological abilities to hear and interpret music distinctly from other sounds.

It has been argued that musical emotive expression predates language and in fact that musicality is an intrinsic part of being human. We certainly seem to have a special relationship with music that science is only now starting to assess and understand.

The benefits of music on health

The benefits are wide and varied and you can read much about this on our website. Music therapy is becoming ever more accepted and practiced by medical professionals as it’s true benefits continue to be realised.

The great aspect to all of this is that anyone can avail themselves of the benefits of music to health and wellbeing without any specialist help or any great expense. The internet has brought the world of music to our fingertips allowing access to any style and genre of music we can think of.

Our objective

Our objective is to highlight and communicate the many benefits listening to music and playing music can bring to everyone and to promote these benefits through the internet for the greater benefit of society as a whole.