Music has been used for centuries to treat illness and to help with psychological and emotional problems. As science continues to discover more about the benefits of music, and technology enables us to understand more about the effects music has on the physical brain, there has been many interesting studies on the many health benefits music has to offer.

Everyday music listening can reduce stress levels

Music has the power to influence emotions in a positive way and this very simply can reduce the stress or anxiety an individual is feeling.

A recent study from the University of Gothenburg has highlighted that music created positive emotions more frequently and with greater intensity for the study group leading to reduced stress levels and lower levels of anxiety when measured against the group with no exposure to music.

One of the other important factors here was that individual members of the study group also showed even less stress the more they liked the music. This is one of the great aspects to this, that people are different and that by simply listening to music they themselves like then they will maximise the benefits they experience.

Music reduces stress in heart disease patients

People living with heart disease are faced with highly stressful situations. The uncertainties and worry concerning the identification of the disease and the treatment required can actually add to the problems of the disease. The increased stress levels associated with this can cause high blood pressure which can cause serious problems for patients with heart disease.

Research conducted through the Cochrane Systematic Review process has shown that listening to music can reduce the levels of anxiety in heart patients as well as lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

Relaxing music can reduce stress and depression during pregnancy

Research published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing from the College of Nursing at a Taiwan Medical University showed that musical therapy significantly reduced levels of stress and depression in the study group of pregnant women. The music used included pieces such as Brahms Lullaby, a selection of music from composers such as Beethoven and a variety of natural sounds.

This proved to be a simple but very effective way of improving the wellbeing of expectant mothers in the important period prior to birth.

Music therapy continues to gain credibility and is used more and more by medical specialists to improve the overall health and wellbeing of their patients and to restore harmony between mind and body.